The Hobbit/Goblin


I am a bard and a lore-master. My weapon of choice is my lute, which has a secret blade attached to the base.


Hoblan Backstory

Hoblan had always felt different from the other hobbits due to his olive-toned skin and his yellow pupils. He also had no knowledge of his mother or father, since his mother had died during childbirth. For that reason, he lived with his uncle in Bree, where he helped to run a respectable inn called “The Respectable Inn.”

His family was an offshoot of the Baggins and Took lines and his uncle, Dildo Saggins, would often regale young Hoblan with stories of these families and their adventures. Dildo Saggins also had a daughter, Gilly Saggins, who also helped at the inn. Dildo was a loving husband, and often encouraged Hoblan to get married as well when he got older.

Time went by and during that time Hoblan he learned countless stories and songs from the myriad of travelers that would stop in Bree. Hoblan also developed a habbit of falling in love with every pretty woman that visited Bree, causing him to propose almost immediately to most women. This led to many failed marriages, several offspring, and a great deal of lore regarding the customs of the assorted women he married.

However, the stories that Hoblan never heard regarded his own past and the fate of his parents. It wasn’t until Hoblan was well into his 50’s that his uncle finally told him about his past.

Dildo told Hoblan that he was born on just on the outskirts of a goblin-town near the High Pass above Rivendell. Hoblan was told that his mother was a wanderer, and in her traveling she came across a goblin settlement near Rivendell. Though afraid at first, his mother gradually met and befriended several of the goblins and was later accepted into the village as one of their own due to their similar heights. It was during this time that Hoblan’s mother fell in love with a goblin.

Their love was not meant to last though, as a raiding party of Men discovered her while she was picking mushrooms on the outskirts of the encampment. Thinking she was a captive, they “rescued” her from the goblin settlement and commenced an attack against the goblins. She told the Men her name and requested that she be allowed to go back to the goblins and her beloved. The Men assumed she was crazy, and forcibly brought her to the Shire, and then to Bree when they learned she had family there. Not long afterwards, Hoblan’s story began, and his mother’s ended.

At first, Hoblan did not believe the story his uncle told him. However, he could not deny that he did look a bit different from other hobbits, and he had always disliked sunlight. Several weeks later, Dildo Saggins died in a bar fight at the Inn. With his cousin Gilly manning the inn, Hoblan set out with his songs and ballads to learn more about his past, encounter the woman of his dreams (while escaping the failures), and to possibly find his father.


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